Search the Catalog

Basic search

Searching for items in BCCLS libraries is easy, and there are many ways to do it.

From our home page, use the search box on the top right and enter any combination of words (author, title, or subject keywords) in the Search Catalog box and click enter or or Click Search Icon.
Your search will bring you to the BCCLS catalog and your search results.

Advanced Keyword Search

An Advanced keyword search allows you to further limit your search by book, dvd, date, etc.

  • From the BCCLS Catalog home page, Click Advanced Keyword Search on the menu bar, then click Keyword in the Search menu.
  • Type the text to search for in the Keyword Search box
  • Use the Search by box to narrow your search by author, title, subject, etc.
  • Use the Limit by box to limit your search by book, audiobook, DVD, etc.
  • Click More Advanced Search Options to further limit your search by library, date, etc.
  • Click Go to run your search.

Work with Search Results

You can do the following actions from the search results list:

  • Click a Sort option at the top or bottom of the page to sort your results
  • Click a page number or the arrow at the top or bottom of the page to move through the list
  • Click Availability to see availability information
  • Click Full Display to see detailed information
  • Click Add to My List to add the title to a list that you can save, print, or send by email
  • Click Place Request to request that the library obtain and hold the title for you to check out.

For more details on using the BCCLS catalog, see the Quick Catalog Guide and Catalog Search Tips & Hints.

To Search for Oakland Public Library Items Only

If you’d like to search for items available at Oakland Public Library, and not view items at other libraries, follow these steps:

When entering your search terms, look for the “Limit by” drop-down menu. Here you can choose to limit your search to items that are available at our library only.

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